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3D Printing Low Volume Production

Say goodbye to injection molding and traditional tooling methods. 3D printing is your low-cost alternative to producing parts and components of less than 1,000 units.

3D Printing for
Low Volume Production

Using your CAD model in .stl format, we will print your components according to the number of items you need.
Think of it as producing several copies of documents using your office printer. Once you click “Print”, the printer
will produce the number of copies you need.

The 3D printer also works this way. Using a plastic filament, it will print your design layer by layer until it forms
into a whole object. This process will repeat until it reaches the number of items you need.

3D Printing Low Volume Production is Best For

• Small Components • Complex product designs • Up to 1,000 order units*
• Customized parts • Plastic components** •Products with a shorter life cycle

*3D printing is cheaper in producing units that are less than 1,000. For high volume production (1,000++ units), injection molding is the better option.

**We use the following filaments for 3D printing: PLA, ABS, PETG, TPU, Nylon.

Lower Costs, Faster Production

Building an injection mold takes weeks. The more complicated the design, the longer it takes to finish.
These wait times can delay the progress of your manufacturing process.

But with 3D printing, you only need 3 things: the design of your item, the filament, and the 3D printer.
Once you have the design ready, you can get started with the printing process right away — reducing
lead times and eliminating extra costs.

Simple Process for Complex Designs

Even with complicated designs, the 3D printing process remains the same — simple, fast, and efficient.

Our 3D printers at MakerCarl print in fine detail. Design restriction is not a part of our vocabulary;
we can print whatever your design requirements are.

With a power recovery system, our printers continue to print amid sudden power interruptions.