3D bobblehead

3D Bobbleheads

Get your customized 3D printed bobbleheads with MakerCarl. Add it to your toy collection, gift it to someone special, or give it away during corporate or promotional events.

Just tell us how you want your bobbleheads to look, a picture would do and we’ll take care of the rest.

Design it Your Way

With 3D printing, you can customize your bobbleheads down to the last details.

Thanks to the artistic eyes of our 3D modelers, we guarantee you of getting the right facial features, stance, and other intricate elements.

You can also see your bobblehead design before the printing process to check if it’s what you expect to receive.

Perfect Gift for Celebrations

Are you looking for a unique gift? Give your special someone their mini-me version! 3D printed personalized bobbleheads are one-of-a-kind, display-ready, IG-worthy gifts your loved ones will surely appreciate.

3D Bobbleheads Custom Giveaways

Bobbleheads are unique giveaways for special events. Who wouldn't like to receive a custom pop or an action figure anyway? We accept bulk orders for corporate gatherings, promotional events, birthday celebrations, weddings, and more.

Ready-Made Custom Pops

From Squid Game to One Piece and everything in between, find ready-made
custom pops that are worth a space in your collection.

Squid Game Custom Pop By Makercarl 3D
Squid Game Custom Pop By Makercarl 3D
Squid Game Custom Pop By Makercarl 3D

Our Bobbleheads Gallery

Need some design inspirations? View our gallery to see the different custom
bobblehead varieties you can 3D print.

Bobblehead By Makercarl 3D
Bobblehead By Makercarl 3D
Bobblehead By Makercarl 3D

You can also visit our Facebook and Instagram pages for more of our latest creations.

Get Yours Now!

Get your customized 3D printed bobbleheads now. Send us your photo references
and your design requirements, and our team will get in touch with you as soon as possible.


What is a 3D printed bobblehead?

A 3D printed bobblehead is a small figurine that resembles an actual person or character.

What bobbleheads can I 3D print?

You can print different types of bobbleheads, such as:

  • Your own bobblehead
  • Bobbleheads of your family, friends, colleagues, clients, etc.
  • A mini-me version of your furbaby
  • Action figures of your favorite anime character
  • Custom pops of kpop idols
  • Cake toppers
  • And more!

How do you create a bobblehead?

To produce a bobblehead, we incorporate an end-to-end 3D printing process.

  • 3D modeling - We design your bobbleheads based on the materials and instructions you provide.
  • 3D printing - We print the item using our high-quality 3D printers.
  • Post-processing - We clean and paint your bobblehead to achieve your preferred look.

If you already have a digital design*, you can simply send us the file (preferably in .stl format) so we
can immediately proceed to the printing and post-processing of the final product. Of course, it will
reduce your final costs.

*The design must be free of revisions.

How much do your bobbleheads cost?

Our bobbleheads start at Php4,000. Prices may vary depending on size, design, and service required.