3D mini me

3D Mini Me Figurines

Partner up with MakerCarl in producing detailed mini-mes hand-painted by our brilliant artists. Our team can handle high-volume and individual projects. No minimum order quantity (MOQ) required! Simply send us photos we can use as a design reference or visit our store to get a full-body scan.

High-Volume Mini-Me Projects

We accept high-volume mini-me orders for corporate events, projects,
and other business engagements. With 80+ 3D printers, our team is
confident of finishing your orders on time — best quality guaranteed —
so you can win a “wow” from your clients.

Customized Gift for
Your Special Someone

3D printed miniature figurines are something
you will literally want to keep in your pocket. Whether
you would like to have your 3D selfie figurine
or you’re looking for a personalized and
memorable gift, getting a mini-me has you covered
. We also use giftable boxes to make the entire
gift-giving experience more special.

Cake Toppers

Mini-mes are also the best cake toppers for weddings, birthdays, baptism
celebrations, and more. 3D print an accurate miniature version of yourself,
your soulmate, your child, or even your furbaby!

Because 3D mini-mes are made of durable materials, you can keep them as
mementos of your celebration.

Delicately Painted by Hand

At MakerCarl, we want to give you only the best 3D printed products.
This is why we choose to hand paint our mini-mes instead of the full-colored
3D printing process. With this approach, our team can thoroughly clean your
figurine and capture its tiny yet critical details. Tell us what you need to see
such as t-shirt details, moles, tattoos, and logos, and our artists will paint it for you.


How do mini-mes differ from bobbleheads?

Mini-mes are 3D printed miniature figurines that portray the
exact copy of an actual person.

Bobbleheads, on the other hand, are figurines
with an unproportionate head and body.
It usually looks comical because the head
looks way bigger than the body.

How long can you finish mini-me projects?

We have a 15-day lead time for our mini-me projects.
However, it can still change based on your total order volume.

How do you create mini-mes?

We do an end-to-end 3D printing process in producing our mini-mes.
It includes designing, printing, cleaning, and painting.

Can you 3D print my mini-me design?

Yes, definitely! If you already have a mini-me design*, you can
simply send us the file and we’ll do the remaining process
for you (printing and painting). Of course, you will also pay less for
this. Please take note that our preferred file formats for the
3D printing process are .obj, .3mf, or .stl.

*Your mini-me design should be final and free of extra edits.

Got more questions? We’d like to hear from you!