3D reverse engineering services

3D Reverse Engineering Services

Replicate an obsolete or hard-to-find product using our
3D reverse engineering service.

With 3D reverse engineering, you can:

  • Reproduce a product or any of its parts without the original design or blueprint.
  • Create components that are no longer available in the market.
  • Discover how an- object works.
  • Analyze the existing products in the market for benchmarking.
  • Recreate a component at a cheaper cost compared to its original version.
  • Make a digital design file (CAD model) of old equipment for documentation.

3D Scanning and
Reverse Engineering

Technology on steroids.

Our team uses 3D scanners to get the data from the product component you want to replicate.
This makes the entire process faster for us*. It also helps us create more concise designs
and measurements, giving you more assurance that the component will function
the way it is intended to.

*As compared to manually disassembling and remodeling the unit.

End-to-End 3D Scanning
Reverse Engineering Service

We will provide you a seamless and stress-free experience through our end-to-end reverse
engineering service.You can entrust the entire process to us — from 3D scanning to
3D printing. You can also expect regular updates from us to see the progress of your project.

Our Process

MakerCarl 3D | Scanning


We will scan the object to capture its features into a digital file and get its precise diagrams and measurements.

MakerCarl 3D | Scanning


We take the time to analyze the true design intent of the object.

MakerCarl 3D | Scanning


We manipulate the data we got from 3D scanning to create the object’s CAD model.

MakerCarl 3D | Scanning


We produce the final output using our professional 3D printers and durable filaments.


What is 3D reverse engineering?

3D reverse engineering is the process of disassembling, analyzing, designing, and
replicating a product or component that is difficult to find or is no longer available in the market

It comes in handy when you don’t have access to the product’s original design.
Because it takes into consideration the built and true intent of the design, reverse
engineering can also help you improve the design of your existing products.

Moreover, you can also use it to assess a competitor’s product and benchmark
its performance.

Who benefits from reverse engineering?

Reverse engineering is useful for the manufacturing, automotive, and aerospace
industries. Businesses that can’t continue their regular operations due to a broken
part of equipment can also make use of reverse engineering.

In short, anyone who needs a component that’s no longer available in the market
can benefit from this process.

How long does 3D reverse engineering take?

It depends on the complexity of the object we need to reverse engineer. In
computing our turnaround time, we take into consideration the time we need to spend in scanning,
designing, and printing the project you entrust with us.

You can also talk to us to learn more about our processes.

What materials do you use when 3D printing?

To ensure the durability of our finished products, we use different materials.
TPU and for resin types - Resin PLA+, Bio Resin, Dental Resin, Jewerly cast resin, rigid type resin, flexible