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Superior Quality 3D Printed Spare Parts On Demand

Solve the challenge of spare parts supply in the market! Experience manufacturing with no downtimes with 3D printed spare parts.

Providing a balanced supply of spare parts with its demand can sometimes be challenging to businesses, especially for obsolete products. But there is a new, convenient, and cost-efficient way to continuously be of service to your clients for whatever spare parts they need — 3D printing can help you do it!

3D Printing: The Solution to
Challenges in the Spare Parts Industry

Create accurate and robust spare parts with 3D printing! MakerCarl can help
make your production faster. We can be your reliable partner in 3D printing
all the spare parts you need for your business. Let’s have a chat to know
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Free Tip to Save Cost:

We know you want to save even more cost for having your 3D printed
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There are ready-to-print 3D designs of spare parts on the Thingiverse
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we will do the 3D print for you! You get to save money as you don’t
need to pay for the design creation anymore. Just make sure that the
design, the type of spare parts, and its dimensions are exactly what
you need. And voila, enjoy using your equipment again with its new


What are 3D Printed Spare Parts?

A spare part, which is also known as a replacement or service part,
is the interchangeable part that is kept in the inventory for future
use in case an element of a material or equipment gets broken. It
will be used to repair the unit by replacing the current part with it.

Do I Get Benefits If I 3D Print Spare Parts?

Additive manufacturing is offering many advantages not only to
end-users but especially to many business sectors. Here are some
notable benefits you should know:


Have you ever tried visiting various nearby stores to buy a spare
part you need but ended up getting nothing? Then you go to
your last resort—online shopping, however, you still cannot find
that specific part that would allow you to keep your material or
equipment up and running. This is where 3D-printed spare parts
enter the scene.

End-users definitely benefit from it as it is a convenient technique
that allows you to get whatever spare part you need. All you have
to do is ping a message to a 3D printing company, and you will
surely get the spare part you’ve been longing for in just a few days.


If we are to talk about who could greatly take advantage of this innovation,
it is none other than the businesses. Let’s take a look at the reasons why:

  • Minimize Supply Risk - It allows you to create a ready-to-print 3D design of
    your spare part. With this, you can supply your customers anytime
    they need it by simply 3D printing the model.

  • Shorter Lead time - Increase your production efficiency by significantly
    reducing your manufacturing and delivery lead times. Creating prototypes
    of spare parts also became easier and more convenient.

  • Cost-Efficient Low Volume Production - In comparison with the typical
    manufacturing process, 3D printing offers a lower fixed manufacturing cost
    as it is highly automated. There’s no expensive tooling
    needed that allows for low volume production of spare parts.

  • Accuracy and Flexibility - Because of the highly accurate 3D designs
    that modelers create, 3D printing results in highly precise 3D printed spare
    parts that are perfect according to your actual needs.

What are the Industries That Can Benefit from
3D Printing Spare Parts?

Since there is a challenge in the supply of spare parts in many businesses,
the creation of 3D printed spare parts could help many industries resolve
the problem. Some sectors that would greatly take advantage of the 3D
printing technology for spare parts include but are not limited to the following:

  • Automotive Sector
  • Aerospace Industry
  • HVAC Systems Providers
  • Industrial and Mechanical Engineering
  • Construction Industry
  • Medical Equipment
  • Gear, Gadgets, and Tools, and many more.

In the years of discovery of the use of 3D printing for spare parts, there are
already well-known brands from different industries that have been utilizing
it such as:

  • Whirlpool
  • Porsche
  • Jaguar
  • The Volkswagen Group

What Type of Spare Parts Can I 3D Print?

You can 3D print almost any spare part you need. To give you some idea,
here are some samples of spare parts you can 3D print.

  • Aircraft bumper part
  • Assembly element
  • Car parts
  • Manifold
  • Buttons
  • Covers
  • Nozzle
  • Valves

There are a lot more types of spare parts you can 3D print. If you’re
unsure if what you need can also be 3D printed, talk to the experts
in 3D printing services to know more.