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3D Scanning

Services in the Philippines

Creating your own 3D digital file has never been this easy! MakerCarl is a trusted 3D Scanning service provider in the Philippines.

Full Service 3D Scanning
to 3D Printing Services in the

Stand out from the business competition and showcase an immersive experience
that's more than just a photos and 360 images.

All MakerCarl, we provide quality 3D Scanning and 3D Printing services
using state-of-the-art equipment and materials.

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How It Works

Wondering how 3D Scanning for 3D Printing works?
Here's a simplified process:

3D Scanning

Scan the Project

We use advanced 3D scanners
to scan the item


Finalize the Mesh

Improve, clean, and align the 3D design using digital designing and editing tools.



After finalizing the design, we will export the file in numerous formats available.

After this process, you can simply save the 3D file of the design or go straight to 3D printing
if you are in need of a physical copy of the item.


What is 3D Scanning?

When you want to get a 3D file of an object quickly and accurately, 3D Scanning is what you need.

It is the process of converting physical material into precise digital. This technology allows
you to capture the shape, dimensions, and important features of an item using a 3D scanner.

It will provide you with a full digital representation of the object, which you can save,
edit, or even 3D print.

What are Benefits of 3D Scanning to Buysiness?

3d Scanning services make it more convinient to capture the
measurements of a material in all angles. Plus, companies can
now do all the Enineering, Designing, and Manufacturing
processes easily.

It helps create quality products fast at an affordable cost.

What are the Application of 3D Scanning?

3D Scanners are ideal for many different pplications. Whether you're in the Engineering, Architecture, Construction,
or Designing industry, you can streamling documentation with ease. 3D Scanning can help the following industries:

1. Design - Start designing with existing setups or components to save time.

2. Architecture - Scan details when conducting architectural surveys to analyze

3. Science & Education - Have a clea representation of the subject to capture the attention of students.

4. Engineering - Provide detailed measurements and allows you to analyze mechanical properties

5. Construction - Helps in planning and designing to developing interior and exterior 3D models.

6. Art - Get a 3D file of your creaions or preserve cultural heritage for future

7. Automotive - Allows production of parts faster through digital production.

What Can You 3D Scan?

At MakerCarl we can 3D scan almost any object, depending on the size. Exceptions may be as
big as buildings and mountains. You can check with our team if an item can be 3D Scanned.

Our 3D Scanner

Different Scanners for different Application

Reverse Engineering

for Architectural 3D Scanning

Architecture Scanning

for Reverse Engineering
and Gift Ideas

Statue Restoration

for Statue Restoration